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Icons, banners, textures, and more

7 May
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This journal is for graphics only. I make icons, textures, banners, and more. Take a look at my rules and FAQ’s below.

Rules—When taking my graphics please comment. I like to get an idea of how many people are using my stuff. When you do use my stuff (excluding personal use) on the internet somewhere, please give me credit.

Blank icons are not bases unless I’ve said so. Please do NOT hotlink my graphics, for it uses up my bandwidth on Photobucket. If you’re using a desktop wallpaper, you do not have to credit me unless you’re posting it online.

Do you make everything you post? Yes, if I didn't I will say so in the entry.

Do you take requests? Yes, send me a message or comment on an entry to make one. Please be specific when you make a request.

I don't have a request but I have some suggestions, are these welcome? Absolutely, I'm open to all feedback and suggestions you may have.

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